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A frsh start!

The FRSH Scents® mission is to make life’s journeys better. 

We bring FRSH design and the world’s finest fragrances to keep your space looking good and smelling FRSH.

FRSH Scents® produce the finest quality car fragrances and air fresheners, available for global distribution and retail.

When we started FRSH Scents® our ambition was to create a brand and a product range that was not only great for our customers, but was also contributing towards a greater good.



Our ambition is to lead the industry on sustainability with the best products in the market. This means that quality runs through everything we do, from the continuous development of new formats and fragrances through to dedicated QA and compliance with the highest product safety standards.


Our focus on high quality and high service levels has quickly established FRSH Scents® as one of the fastest growing brands in the market with distribution all around the world.

Work with us to make life’s journeys better and help turn the tide on plastic waste.



With environmental issues on everyones mind, and manufacturing at the forefront, we wanted to ensure that we were part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Certified Plastic Neutral, environmentally friendly car air fresheners by FRSH Scents. Available for global distribution
Sustainable car air fresheners by FRSH Scents

“Our customers are savvy and understand that buying FRSH Scents® is about more than just making a choice based on great design and beautiful fragrances - they know that every time they choose FRSH Scents® they also choose a brand that cares about the environment as much as they do”


James Rankin


FRSH Scents

High quality scents and fragrances for car air fresheners from FRSH Scents

100% Recyclable


FRSH Scents® comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. All our product packaging use recyclable paper.

When you dispose of PET plastic correctly it can be recycled to make more PET plastic products. The product lifecycle is continuous and doesn’t lead to plastic waste. 


PET plastic is a sustainable packaging solution with a lower carbon footprint than other plastics. PET requires less energy to produce than new plastics. This can help suppliers and manufacturers save money and reduce their energy consumption.

FRSH Scents work closely with The Plastic Bank to make car air fresheners that reduce plastic waste

Certified Plastic Neutral


Through our offset program with The Plastic Bank, every FRSH Scents® product contributes to their award winning program that reduces waste and poverty. On average each item pays for the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled.


“Choose FRSH Scents® and not only will you get great products but you and your customers will also be supporting a great program that is at the forefront of the war on plastic waste.”


David Katz

Founder & CEO, The Plastic Bank

FRSH Scents car air fresheners are available for worldwide shipping to our partner distributors and stockists
FRSH Scents packaging stands out on any point of sale display and perfect for any motor retail store
The finest quality car air fresheners by FRSH Scents
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