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Your brand, our knowhow.

We know what’s involved in developing a range of high quality, branded air fresheners that have customer appeal.

FRSH Scents collaborated with the Gumball 3000 rally to create these exclusive range of Gumball 3000 air fresheners. All thanks to FRSH Scents private label services

We know what’s involved in developing a range of high quality, branded air fresheners that have customer appeal. Range development, branding and product design all require expertise; and then comes the sourcing...



Is the factory reliable? 

Have they been COC audited? 

Will the products meet leading safety standards? 

Will they deliver on time? 


All of these questions and more are why some of Europe’s leading retailers trust us to produce private label air fresheners for their customers.


We provide a turnkey service from product ideation, fragrance development, branding and packaging design to production, quality control and delivery.

Tried and tested


With a growing range of product types, scalable Far East production and a European design team, we are the ideal choice to deliver high volume, high margin products for your stores.


To date we have designed, developed and produced stunning collections for a variety of big name brands. We only wish we could brag about them!

“Gumball is about challenging tradition and taking a non conventional approach to exploring and pushing cultural and creative boundaries”


Maxamillion Cooper

Founder & CEO

Gumball 3000®

Gumball 3000 partnered with FRHS Scents private label opportunity to produce a range of exclusive Gumball 3000 car air freshener products including our Ultrasonic Diffuser

Private Label
Case Study


Gumball 3000® | FRSH Scents®
Innovative brand activation programme.

Imaging your brand on our air frshener products. Thats exactly what you can do with FRSH Scents private label solutions

“FRSH Scents have been a great supplier to work with. Over the last 3 years they have designed and produced a very attractive range of products for us, implementing our own sub-brand into the car air-care category.

Thanks to the FRSH Scents team we have doubled sales in this category since we started working with them. As a result we have also extended the offering with seasonal ranges and additional lines in our homewares department.”



Senior Buyer 

Leading UK Retailer

FRSH Scents Private Label – Your brand, our products

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