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A full library of downloadable resources at your fingertips! Our wide range of informational materials are always developing, so stay up-to-date via the links below.


FRSH Scents: Full Guide

FRSH Scents: Mini Guide

FRSH Scents: Private Label

Ultra Scents: Mini Guide


FRSH Scents Logo: Black & Gold

FRSH Scents Logo: White & Gold

Ultra Scents Logo

Vacation Collection Logo

Fragrance Safety Data Sheets

Apple /  Red Apple / Apple Scrump / Apple & Cinnamon

Bubblegum / Bubblegum Blast

Cherry / Black Cherry / Cherry Soda

Citrus / Lemon / Tangerine Twist

Coconut / Coconut Crush

Cotton / Fresh Cotton / Linen


Hawaiian Breeze

Ice / Indigo Ice / Ice Pop

Lavender / Luscious Lavender

New Car


Ocean Breeze / Sea Breeze

Oud / Velvet Rose & Oud / Woody Oud

Peony / Peony & Blush Suede / Peony Power / Cotton & Peony

Pineapple / Pineapple Punch

Pumpkin / Pumpkin Spice

Strawberry / Woodland Strawberry / Strawberry Jam

Sunshine Vanilla

Tropical / Pina Colada

Vanilla / French Vanilla / Vanilla Scoop


Organic Tin: Bubblegum

Organic Tin: Cherry

Organic Tin: Coral

Organic Tin: Cotton

Organic Tin: Cranberry

Organic Tin: Ice

Organic Tin: Lemon

Organic Tin: Mist

Organic Tin: New Car

Organic Tin: Strawberry

Organic Tin: Tropical

Organic Tin: Vanilla

Mini Vent Diffusers : Black Cherry

Mini Vent Diffusers : Cotton

Mini Vent Diffusers : French Vanilla

Mini Vent Diffusers : New Car

Mini Vent Diffusers : Velvet Rose & Oud 

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