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5 Reasons you should be stocking FRSH Scents

The FRSH Scents range has grown immensely in the last few years. We are incredibly proud of what the whole air freshener collection has become. However, we know a wide range isn’t enough to warrant becoming a long term, regular supplier for our stockists, so we put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring every element of our range, the quality and the opportunities for stockists and retailers are attractive, diverse and actionable.

So, besides being highly popular with consumers, what do we think are the big reasons you should be stocking FRSH Scents air fresheners instore and online?

1: The Plastic Bank

This is often the biggest and most important draw for our consumers. We are proud to be Certified Plastic Neutral. We have long partnered with The Plastic Bank to help reduce plastic waste in our seas and support coastal communities throughout the world. Through our FRSH Scents Cents offset programme, the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles is collected and recycled with every FRSH Scents air freshener sold. This means much more plastic is reclaimed and recycled than we use, and we’re helping to be part of the solution to waste and poverty, not a contributor to the issue.

2: High Quality

Our products are brilliant value for the consumer. Right now, with the cost of living crisis at the top of every shoppers’ mind, products with a low investment are highly attractive. However, products that are low in cost AND quality are always a false economy and consumers are wise to the products that are cost effective for their pocket. With that in mind, we’ve created products that offer high quality at a great price. Our fragrances last up to 100 days, our paper hangers are made with thick, luxury card and our ultrasonic diffusers are designed with the latest technology for a cool, calming mist. This is affordable quality that everyone can appreciate.

3: Versatility

Many of our stockists are in the automotive industry, and our products can certainly provide a great opportunity to appeal to drivers! We have cup holder designs, vent clips, mirror hanging and dash mount styles all perfect for use in a motor vehicle. However, with our eye-catching designs and varied usage opportunities, there are countless ways FRSH Scents can be used beyond automotive. The smells created for every collection in our range are perfect for use practically anywhere. They’re stylish yet discreet to offer a new perfume to communal office areas, workspaces, meeting rooms and reception areas. And at home, they’re perfect for masking any pesky smell in those shoe cupboards, hallways, bathrooms and more. With the long-lasting fragrance, there’s no need to keep remembering to change them too!

4: Private Label

Whilst we love our FRSH Scents brand and are confident in the aesthetic to be eye-catching to the consumer in every aisle, we know the opportunity for retailers that create custom ranges with their own Private Label is vast. This is why we offer our Private Label service. Be sure to check out our other articles on creating your own custom air freshener range and whether it is suitable for your business. And if so, get in touch! A Private Label is a brilliant chance to boost your brand, expand your range and connect with the consumers through your branding which they already know and love.

5: Point of Sale (POS)

It’s nothing new that car air fresheners and home fragrances are great point-of-sale products. Relatively small investment for the consumer and a reminder of those little items they may have forgotten to add to their shopping list, they enable you to boost basket values with ease. Our Point of Sale stands and clips, combined with our contemporary, stylish aesthetic to every product makes for an eye-catching POS display. From the fun and vibrant Vacation Collection to the slick and cool Ultra range, we know our designs turn heads and offer the perfect POS opportunity.

We could definitely go on listing the benefits of stocking FRSH Scents with your business, but there we have our top 5, which we feel offer a strong statement as to why it could be so great for your business. If you want to find out more about our air freshener range, our work with The Plastic Bank or explore the opportunities with Private Label, just get in touch with our team.


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