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Our Top 5 Selling Car Air Fresheners

This month, we’re taking a look at our top air freshener products with our stockists right now and looking a little deeper into why we feel that may be the case. So, when designing, developing, and selling car air fresheners, there are 3 key aspects to consider.

FRSH Scents - Long-lasting car air fresheners


Nobody wants to purchase a car air freshener with a fragrance that doesn’t last long!

FRSH Scents car air freshener fragrances

Fragrance Quality

Developing a perfume that has a wide appeal and quality feel to it requires skill, experience, and a great deal of fragrance knowledge.

FRSH Scents car air fresheners

Product Design

The product needs to stand out on the shelves and look good in the desired location after purchase. This means striking the perfect balance between eye-catching and stylish.

Over the last 12 months, FRSH Scents has put a firm focus on scent longevity and quality. This has meant removing some fragrances from our range that simply didn’t adhere to our high standards. Some fragrances didn’t perform as well as a diffuser for example, when they were perfect as paper hangers. Not every perfume aroma works in every setting, so rather than providing every fragrance in every possible way, we have crafted the collection to only provide air fresheners that are beautifully balanced scents which work perfectly in the formats they are being delivered. So, what’s hot right now?

1. Car Organic Tin

FRSH Scents Organic Tin car air freshener

We feel this product is so popular with every stockist as it’s stylish and discreet. Consumers can enjoy a fresh scent without having something obvious in their car. The packaging provides a bright and eye-catching design on the shelves, but the product itself is much more reserved. Available in Strawberry, Cherry, Bubblegum, New Car, Vanilla, and Cotton, it has a great fragrance range and lasts up to 60 days.

2. Vacation Collection Vent Clips

FRSH Scents Vacation Collection Inflatables Vent Clip car air freshener

These products are great fun and the fragrances are fantastic! Simply clip them to the car air vent for a burst of brilliant colour and gorgeous vibrant scents. Our Vacation Collection is a great POS product and our distribution of them throughout the summer months is especially heightened. Available in Cherry Soda, Tangerine Twist, Pineapple Punch and Bubblegum Blast, they are zesty, cute and pack a fun punch!

3. Hula Girl

FRSH Scents Vacation Collection Pina Colada Hula girl car air freshener

This is definitely a special and unique product in our collection. Air fresheners don’t just have to create a fresh smell in your car, they can add something visual too! The Hula Girl lasts up to 30 days and the Pina Colada scent is fresh and fun. She sways and dances as you drive too, so get those car tunes on! A fun addition to any car air freshener stock.

4. Sunshine Vanilla Necklace

FRSH Scents Vacation Collection Sunshine Vanilla necklace car air freshener

Hanging car air fresheners are always the biggest seller due to their great value and longevity. However, we took the classic mirror-hanging car air freshener and developed something a little more vibrant and fun! Our Sunshine Vanilla floral necklace lasts up to 30 days and is a beautiful, textured design.

5. ULTRA Scents

FRSH Scents ULTRA Scents car air freshener collection

Our ULTRA Scents range is one of the sharpest designs available. The colours, typeface and packaging design are striking, bold and contemporary. With eight fragrance choices in the range, ULTRA Scents appeals to a wide range of consumers and the products themselves certainly have a cool, deluxe feel to them. We have been in business for many years, and have gained great amounts of experience and knowledge that comes with that of the air freshener market. Therefore, we appreciate how the supply chain and business are all about listening and evolving to continue to grow and thrive. We continually analyze our offering to ensure our stockists have the best choices, the best value and the best quality available in our ranges. So we always welcome feedback and if you have thoughts on the FRSH Scents products you stock and sell, please do get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


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