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Point of purchase displays: How to increase impulse purchases

Ever bought something totally out of the blue because the mood took you or you just couldn’t resist? Absolutely! Impulse buying is incredibly common, and is often triggered by emotions and feelings, or simply an offer that’s too good to miss. In fact, impulse buying is when a consumer makes a purchase without prior planning, and so the opportunity to capture a consumer in a spur of the moment, before they checkout is huge.

Marketers and retailers have a great opportunity here to harness the power of impulse buying to boost sales and increase basket values. It can often be seen as a ‘before you checkout!’ online, or by clever positioning of displays by the checkouts instore. There are a huge number of products that can be marketed for impulse purchases, but they are primarily inexpensive, add-ons, gadgets, accessories and everyday essentials that the consumer maybe did not make a special trip for, but remembers or realises their need or desire for the item; and it doesn’t break their budget.

So, how do you capture this market and enhance your impulse purchase potential?

Point of Sale Displays!

Every retailer uses point-of-sale displays cleverly and successfully. They’re product displays near to the tills, checkouts and general purchase areas to grab attention last-minute and trigger an impulse purchase. Commonly you’ll see items like batteries, confectionary, car accessories, cleaning products, snacks and more. The more successful POS displays are products that are cheaply priced. The display itself also needs to be visually appealing to catch their eye as they queue or head for the checkout. This is all about creativity! However, it’s been found that even the simplest of POS displays can increase in-store sales between 12% and 27%!

Our FRSH Scents range can often be seen on POS displays as they are the exact type of product that an impulse purchase is all about. Consumers rarely go in store specifically for air fresheners. They may be on a larger list of items or they may indeed be a simple impulse purchase. This means the price and placement of the product makes a huge difference. Having a freestanding or gondola end POS display for your air fresheners is a fantastic way to capture the impulse purchase opportunity and increase air freshener sales.

However, it doesn’t all have to be about the checkouts! Many consumers will pass the car-care aisle because they don't think they need anything. However, should they see a hanging clip strip of car air fresheners in the household cleaning or gardening aisle, that impulse purchase is triggered! It wasn’t on their list, but it’s in their basket.

Our design team have worked hard on the whole FRSH Scents range to create products that are beautifully designed. Whilst they are great value, the aesthetic of our products is eye-catching, contemporary and stylish, creating a striking display in stores. This further enhances the strength of the POS display as not only the price is perfect for an impulse buyer, but the style is inspiring and enticing too.

If you want to find out more about our range and craft a collection that’s perfect for the POS you have in mind, speak to our team today.


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