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The Evolution of the Car Air Freshener

Air fresheners as a wider industry have been around for centuries, and car air fresheners have been a huge part of the automotive industry for decades. The atmosphere and emotion felt when within a space is dictated by our senses. Of course, it’s important to have a pleasant interior and your favourite radio station during a journey, but the fragrance within a vehicle can have a huge impact on the overall environment. 

The evolution of the FRSH Scents car air freshener

In a recent retail study, it was revealed that 85% of shoppers feel the right scent is important in an in-store environment. AT FRSH Scents, we’d go further in saying that inside a vehicle, this would be even higher. Car air fresheners can have a resounding impact, but where did it all begin?

It all started with the paper hanger

Paper hanging car air fresheners are the original, and still most popular form of car air freshener. They are a fantastic entry product for retailers looking to expand their automotive accessory range in-store or first product in a brand new range.

Paper Hangers are the easiest to produce out of all the air fresheners. They’re also great value with minimal components and a simple production process. Our range of luxury paper hangers is still our most popular to date, with many of our retailers choosing them for private labelling too.

It then started to get creative

The mirror-hanging car air fresheners work so well as they have a universal fit for vehicles the world over. The low investment and vast audience value proved so popular that producers we able to expand their creativity into new materials and designs.

Although research and development of new materials can take time to ensure the fragrance works and remains for a satisfactory amount of time, it means the creativity and character of the mirror hanger can almost be limitless. For example, our fishhook necklace or sandal from our vacation range uses scented rubberised materials, scented beans and textured string. This further enhances the car air freshener into an aesthetically pleasing car accessory; not just something to make the vehicle smell good!

Where next for the car air freshener?

This is where the fun starts! Dash-mounted characters have been around for decades for drivers to add a little fun and personality to their vehicles, so combining this with car air fresheners was a simple decision for the FRSH Scents team. Our Vacation Collection Hula Girl is a popular choice amongst our distributors and stockists. The pina colada scent lasts up to 30 days and she sways and dances as the car moves!

The mirror hanging and dash mount designs are perfect for adding character and personality to a vehicle interior, but in other environments like company vehicles, public transport or the car showroom, a discreet design is often more desirable. 

Utilising Car Interior Design

Creating automotive products that are universal is no mean feat. All manufacturers create their vehicle interiors with their brand and consumers in mind. This means many vehicle features are unique to that manufacturer. However, one area that remains fairly similar is the AC vents. This means that vent clip air fresheners work well in almost all vehicle types.

The evolution of the air freshener to a more discreet, contemporary solution proved highly popular with its universal, easy-to-use vent fitting. They emit a fresh fragrance for up to 60 days which is dispersed throughout the vehicle discreetly whether the air conditioning is on or not. 

They can be small and discreet like our FRSH Scents vent sticks, or they can be contemporary and stylish like the luxury flower design, and our phenomenally popular and adaptable polymer vent clips.

Developing Today’s Technology

Another feature that appears in vehicles nowadays is the cup holder. The cup holder started appearing in vehicles in the late 1950s, thanks to the huge popularity of drive-in diners. They’re now an important and standard feature in all vehicles with a fairly standardised size and shape due to the need to accommodate today’s coffee culture and working on the move. This meant that when we began developing our latest addition to the FRSH Scents range, we knew this was the perfect space for a universal fit.

Ultrasonic diffusers have been used within the home for many years, but using them in a vehicle setting is still fairly new. Ultrasonic waves vaporise water with essential oil to produce a cool, calming mist within the vehicle. Our in-car design slots perfectly into the cup holder and plugs in for a fresh, relaxing drive.

The design is contemporary and unobtrusive with subtle lighting but the fragrance created is bold and beautiful and lasts up to five hours. It can also be refilled and reused over again which makes it a sustainable air freshener choice for the eco-conscious driver.

At FRSH Scents, we have certainly moved with the times with our air freshener range. Utilising the latest technologies and trends whilst remaining true to what we know the market really wants has enabled us to create a range that is popular, high quality and perfect for private labelling or selling as produced.

If you want to expand your range in-store, or you’re keen to add FRSH Scents products to your distribution network, get in touch with our team to develop the perfect catalogue of products or learn more about private labelling.


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