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The types of products you can find at FRSH Scents

At FRSH Scents, our ambition isn’t just to make great products, it’s to make a difference too. We want to contribute to a greater good, which is why we work with The Plastic Bank and continually strive to improve our product sustainability and recyclable packaging where possible. We are continually working through our whole collections to make fine tweaks and detail changes to both improve our range and our impact on the planet. And, as the FRSH Scents range has grown into something so much bigger than we originally anticipated, we feel it’s more important than ever to play our part! That’s why we are Plastic Neutral, meaning every sale of a FRSH Scents Product, on average, pays for the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled before the reach the ocean.

But, as we stand, what exactly does the FRSH Scents range include? Let’s take a deep dive into our whole collection and how they offer a whole host of benefits, whatever your fragrance requirements…

Luxury Card Hanger

A classic and a car staple for most drivers the world over, our Luxury Card car air freshener is simple and user-friendly. Just hang it from your rear-view mirror to enhance your car journey and keep your motor smelling FRSH! Available in 14 scents, there is something for everyone. With Black Cherry or Citrus offering a bright, zesty fragrance to Fresh Cotton and Peony and Blush Suede offering a subtle, soft scent… and everything in between!

Hanging Diffuser

These clever little diffusers really add a touch of elegance to your car fragrance. A 2ml embossed oil capsule is surrounded by the stylish luxury card and lasts up to 45 days! We can’t wait to share the new 2023 fragrances joining this range very soon.

Deluxe Bottle

Lasting up to 30 days our Deluxe Bottles really are a stylish fragrance option to suit a modern, contemporary car aesthetic. Available in Black Cherry, French Vanilla, Fresh Cotton, New Car, Tropical or Velvet Rose and Oud scents, this double-sided design always looks great and the central stone slowly and evenly distributes fragrance throughout the lifespan of the bottle.

Glass Bottle

We are really proud of our stylish glass bottle design. The wooden diffuser top not only slowly releases the fragrance from the 7mils of scented oil for up to 45 days but it looks great too! Also available in Black Cherry, French Vanilla, Fresh Cotton, New Car, Tropical or Velvet Rose and Oud scents, the fragrances are deep yet subtle. These Glass Bottles look great in a new car, high-class vehicle or private hire.

Vent Sticks

Keeping your car smelling great never looked so good! With our vent sticks, your car fresh for up to 60 days, our 4 packs of vent sticks are easy to install and provide discreet yet stylish fragrance diffusion.

Mini/Vent Diffusers

Want a car fragrance with long-lasting effects? Then choose between our regular/mini Vent Clip Diffusers! They can last up to 90 days and are ideal for any sized car vent. They’re so simple to use and look great with the classy small bottle design. There are a whole host of fragrances to choose from, but opt for the New Car scent to take you back to when you first got your car and give you that authentic ‘new car’ feeling with every drive.


Bring some beauty into your car! Our floral, fun FRSH Scents Luxury Flowers are easily clipped onto your vents and look fabulous. Choose a colour to match your interior or find your perfect scent with the black flower offering a velvet rose and oud scent, the red flower offering woodland strawberry, pink is peony and blush suede or an elegant white flower offers fresh cotton scents. Which would you choose?

Organic Tin

Possibly the most discreet of all our range, the Organic Tin can be placed in a cup holder or under a seat for a sweet-smelling drive that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of your vehicle. They last up to 60 days too! Go for the fun bubble-gum or coconut fragrances or opt for a more subtle yet cool cotton or ice scents.

Gel Pot

This is all about keeping you in control! Whether you love your scent to be a little stronger or want to keep control of how much or how little fragrance is emitted, the gel pot is the perfect solution. The effortless ‘scent-control’ dial means you can ramp up the diffusion, or turn it down depending on your mood! Available as a 2.5oz pot lasting up to 30 days, or a 5oz pot lasting up to 45 days, they sit comfortably in a cup holder for discreet diffusion.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

We are incredibly proud of our exclusive in-car Ultrasonic Diffuser and it has proved very popular since its release. Connecting via USB, ultrasonic waves vaporize water and essential oil to produce a cool, calming, fragrant mist and it comes with Lavender and Peppermint fragrance oils.

Scented Novelties and Accessories

We should finish off with the fun, right? The last products we wanted to share in our collection are the fun, novelty-scented accessories. Choose from our Inflatables Hanging Card or the vent clips as previously mentioned. Or, our vacation collection brings the summer vibes all year long, capturing the essence of those balmy days, beach memories and road trips. Will you go for the Sandal, Surfboard, Hula Girl, Fishhook Neckless or Floral Necklace? They’re great fun, look fantastic and smell so… SUMMMERY!

As you can see, our range is wide and varied. We aim to provide products that will suit the different tastes, needs and requirements of drivers looking for their own perfect fragrance solution, whilst always ensuring FRSH Scents maintains its status as being Certified Plastic Neutral by The Plastic Bank, the only car air freshener brand to achieve such accreditation.

To find out more about our range and how you can become a stockist, get in touch!


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