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Ultrasonic Diffusers – The latest technology in car air fresheners

Automotive technology has moved a long way in the last decade and those technological advances are set to become even more exponential in the coming years. However, one area of the in-car experience which has remained fairly steadfast in style since its conception is in-car fragrancing. Car air fresheners are a mainstay of many car interiors, and the most commonly seen is still the hanging paper or card products. Our FRSH Scents Luxury Card Hangers are always a massive seller, both with FRSH Scents branding or as a private label product. However, we’ve recognised how a lot of today’s consumers want to unlock the benefits offered by newer technologies, and we’ve always committed to developing products which utilise more modern technologies as well. No product demonstrates this better than our impressive FRSH Scents Ultrasonic Diffuser and its use of Essential Oils.

FRSH Scents Ultrasonic Diffusers provide the latest technology for in car fragrances

Essential Oils are widely known as an important element of aromatherapy and FRSH Scents wanted to find a way to use them as effective, long-lasting fragrances in vehicles. The challenge was that standard diffusers use heat, which can alter the physical nature of the oils, thus reducing many of the benefits or even altering the smell of the fragrance itself.

FRSH Scents Ultrasonic Diffusers provide the latest technology for in car fragrances

The FRSH Scents Product Development Team was able to

demonstrate how ultrasonic diffusers distribute the oil particles through the air without the need for heat, thus avoiding the risk of the Essential Oils being compromised. The Essential Oil is added to a small pool of water within the diffuser; a metal disc then vibrates at a very high frequency generating sound waves (undetectable to the human ear) which agitate the water and oil, causing it to vaporize. This water vapour is then exuded from the diffuser via a fan and the Essential Oil (and its true fragrance) is carried into the air with it.

What makes the FRSH Scents Ultrasonic Diffuser such a good choice?

The first thing is its modern design. It’s a compact size which enables it to fit in almost any vehicle cup holder, and the soft-touch rubberised finish gives it a premium, high-quality feel.

It’s very user-friendly, too. Simply pour 50ml of water into the diffuser and add a few drops of your chosen fragrance oil – the more drops you add, the stronger the fragrance experience will be (we recommend you start with 2-3 drops). This will provide fragrance for 4-5 hours and is so quiet it will not disturb a relaxing car journey, nor ruin your favourite in-car listening. With adjustable vapour-flow strength and a choice of seven colour options for the ambient LED light, the driver is in full control of the in-car mood and fragrance.

Powered via a USB cable, the FRSH Scents Ultrasonic Diffuser is also very versatile, suitable for use in the office, in the home,….in fact, anywhere with a USB connection.

To get you started, the FRSH Scents Ultrasonic Diffuser is supplied with 2 of the most popular fragrance oils – Lavender and Peppermint. But when you’re feeling a little creative, you can use your own favourite Essential Oils, or even a favourite perfume or aftershave to create your own signature scent that’s unique to you and makes you feel great.

Supplied in an eye-catching gift-box, the Ultrasonic Diffuser also has the advantage of being a very easy size and shape for gift-wrapping!

Our Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect product for private label opportunities, such as we did for the Gumball 3000 range, providing them with a modified LED logo, custom packaging and alternative essential oil fragrances.

Gumball 3000 Ultrasonic diffuser by FRSH Scents

So if you want to discuss adding the FRSH Scents Ultrasonic Diffuser to your range, please just get in touch with our team to find out more.


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