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Why FRSH Scents partners with The Plastic Bank

At FRSH Scents we are firm believers in the power of business to make real change in this world. It has to start with us. Consumers can’t act upon opportunities that are not available to them. We wanted to make a real difference and consider our impact on the planet with the products we create.

According to National Geographic, there are more than 5 TRILLION pieces of plastic already floating in our seas, and around half of all plastic waste generated globally is from packaging materials. By 2050, virtually every seabird species on the planet will be eating plastic.

These are shocking facts that we simply could not ignore - we knew we had to act immediately. We set up our FRSH Scents Cents initiative and began working with The Plastic Bank, a great organisation which we knew could make a difference.

Plastic Bank Logo - Working with FRSH Scents

The Plastic Bank is a social recycling movement, harnessing people's power to reduce and remove the waste plastic causing devastation to our oceans. Working with communities around the world, The Plastic Bank enables individuals to collect plastic waste, thus preventing it from entering our oceans, recycling it at designated centres and providing them with benefits and bonuses in return. This helps to provide these families with necessities, cooking fuel, groceries, school tuition and more. This is a powerful operation that is not only saving our seas but providing vulnerable people with a genuine path out of poverty and a sense of pride in their work.

So far, The Plastic Bank has recruited more than 38,000 collectors in nearly 600 recycling communities and has stopped over 89m kg of plastic from entering the oceans already. These statistics are staggering and will only get more impressive and inspiring over the coming year.

This is a movement we are motivated by and something we are incredibly proud to be part of. With our support and partnership with The Plastic Bank, every FRSH Scents product sold pays for the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled. This means our products are responsible for reclaiming and recycling more plastic than we use; thus ensuring every FRSH Scents product is Certified Plastic Neutral by The Plastic Bank.

5.7 million plastic water bottles saved from the ocean thanks to FRSH Scents partnership with the Plastic Bank

So far, FRSH Scents has paid for over 115,000kg of plastic waste to be collected from our oceans. That’s over 5.7 million water bottles!

But it must not stop there. We know this still isn’t enough, and we are committed to supporting The Plastic Bank for years to come to help create a safer environment for our vulnerable and precious sea life, as well as generating vital opportunities for shoreline communities the world over.

We want FRSH Scents to be so much more than a company that makes great products. We want FRSH Scents to be a company that makes a great impact.

But we need your help. Worldwide, 73% of beach litter is plastic. This needs to end now. It has to be more than just words and vague promises. It has to be solid action, and we invite all our partners, retailers, stockists and consumers to find out more about The Plastic Bank and to get involved!

The wider business community can join this cause too by recycling and reusing the previously ocean-bound plastic instead of creating more plastic and adding to the problem. Businesses can also support the cause financially with partnerships and purchases.

The more of us that participate, the bigger the positive impact we will have.


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