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Your 3-Step Guide to Private Labelling

Private labelling is a fantastic business strategy for retailers and distributors to sell products, such as our own car air fresheners, using their own name and branding. It’s a practice we are well-versed in at FRSH Scents as there are so many benefits for our clients with working with a third party like ourselves to create and grow a private label range.

FRSH Scents Private label car air fresheners can be as easy as 1. 2, 3

From having solid brand ownership across a range they have not needed to invest development and manufacturing time to customising a range to match their brand identity, it’s cost efficient and retailers have total control over pricing strategies and marketing, as opposed to reselling other branded products.

In essence, private labelling allows our retailers and distributors to build a stronger brand, increase profitability and offer their clients unique product ranges to increase brand loyalty.

So, when you’re ready to consider private labelling for your brand, where does it all begin?

FRSH Scents Private label car air fresheners can be as easy as 1. 2, 3

Step 1: Understand your business goals.

As with any strategic decision in business, it’s a good idea to understand exactly WHY you might want to make that decision. Is it to increase profit margins? Is it to offer a wider product range? Is it to stay ahead of the competition? What exactly are you trying to achieve with your business in the coming years? All of this will help you understand whether private labelling is the right route for you, and what exactly you choose to create.

When looking at in-car air fresheners specifically, do you currently have a car air freshener range in store? If so, what are the current sales and profit margins like? Selling private label car air fresheners will almost certainly be more profitable for the business, but where do they sit within your current offering? Will your products replace those already in stock, or will they coexist for a more comprehensive, great value offering?

If you don’t currently offer a car air freshener range, creating a unique POS display with your very own products could be the perfect solution to boost brand awareness and basket values.

Take a look at your business strategy and see whether private label products will help you achieve those goals.

FRSH Scents Private label car air fresheners can be as easy as 1. 2, 3

Step 2: Choose suitable products

We have developed a wide variety of air freshener products for our network. From lower cost items to more complex products, our range covers a large number of retailers and consumer markets.

The luxury paper hangers are still our most popular product and are the perfect choice for retailers looking to start a brand new range. Consumers will often choose products they recognise to be useful, and a paper hanging air freshener in their car is a low-investment impulse purchase.

Let’s not forget that, if you choose to personalise the product itself (not just the packaging) your brand will be front and centre for every journey they make. This further increases your top-of-mind awareness with the consumer, long after they leave your store.

For larger product ranges or more creative and unique products, many stockists of ours opt for our great quality polymer vent clips or gel pots. Both are also great for private labelling and offer a contemporary, stylish aesthetic no matter the fragrance chosen.

Once you’ve chosen the right product for your range, it’s time to choose the scents! We can help advise on the right scent solution for your brand and the best collection of different fragrances that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Don’t forget this is less about personal preference (fragrance is such a personal choice, after all), and all about appealing to your impulse purchase consumers with your branded products. Our fragrances range from soft and subtle or floral and fresh to more zesty and vibrant (see the vacation collection!) or even that classic New Car smell!

FRSH Scents Private label car air fresheners can be as easy as 1. 2, 3

Step 3: Let production commence!

This is where the fun really starts! We work closely with you to design and develop your chosen products with your branding. This could be a unique packaging design alone, or tweaking our existing product design to be unique to your brand alone (budget dependent). Once we have a good idea of your budget, we can advice on the possibilities and potential with the development of your products.

However, the legalities, regulatory text, safety data sheets and the manufacturing is all dealt with by us! We take care of everything when it comes to production and delivery, as this is where our expertise truly lies. All you need to do is arrange your own freight forwarder and transportation and our team with liaise with them for a smooth handover. This means you get your very own products instore with very little concern or investment in research, development and shipping. This is something that can cause huge headaches for retailers wanting to develop their own range from scratch.

Private labelling means you can stamp your branding on products already created which is extremely cost effective with great profit margins.

As easy as 1, 2, 3! Private labelling can be as simple or as unique as your business and goals demand, but one thing is for sure; it’s a highly lucrative business solution for retailers and we are seeing more and more brands opt for it when looking to expand their range.

To find out more and speak with our team to begin your private label journey, get in touch today!


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