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Your Brand, our Know-How. Private Labelling Made Easy

Businesses are stronger together. By combining our own special strengths we create partnerships which enable each business to thrive due to their field of expertise, and generate a highly effective model for growth and development. FRSH Scents’ expertise is in product research and development. The FRSH Scents team members are experts in car air fresheners and know exactly how to develop and present a fragrance and a product format your consumers will love. Your expertise is your brand. It’s your strongest asset. And that’s where private labelling comes in…

Private label car air fresheners from FRSH Scents

Surveys have found that up to 77% of consumers select their purchases because they recognise, like and trust the brand name* – so your loyal customers are highly likely to pick products carrying your branding because that is how they feel about your brand. However, developing your own range of great-quality air fresheners can be time-consuming and cost-heavy. This is where private labelling can take all of that stress away.

We know what’s involved in developing a range of high-quality, branded air fresheners that have customer appeal. Range development, branding and product design all require expertise; and that’s before the logistical headache of sourcing! Is the factory reliable? Have they been COC audited? Will the products meet leading safety standards? Will they deliver on time? Questions that require careful consideration and confidence in the answers to create efficient production and a reliable supply chain.

When you work with FRSH Scents for your private label products, you’re utilising our expertise in this area and applying your branding. With our growing range of product types, scalable Far East production and highly-acclaimed European design team, we’re the ideal choice to deliver high volume, high margin modern products for your stores.

​To date, we have designed, developed and produced stunning collections for a variety of big-name brands including global giants, high-profile retail chains, niche brands, and the Gumball 3000 rally. You can be part of that too. By combining your prized branding with FRSH Scents’ fabulous products you will boost customer loyalty, brand equity and profits with each item sold. Do you want to get stronger together?

Start your private label journey and get in touch with FRSH Scents to find out more.


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