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5 industries that can utilise FRSH Scents® private label services

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The world of home fragrance is expansive. It’s actually been reported to be worth over 5.5 billion dollars worldwide, with an expectation of it being valued at over 9 billion by 2026. The marketplace itself is also so varied with a wonderful array of different styles and uses, making the opportunity for big homeware brands to capitalize on the consumer desire for a fresh, clean and beautiful smelling atmosphere.

But at FRSH Scents®, we want to help other brands and sectors capitalize on this booming and ever-growing trend further, with our high-quality range of car air fresheners and our private label service. Due to such high demand and the wide and open distribution channels, the opportunity is vast. Online stores, discount stores, convenience stores, homeware stores, supermarkets, the list goes on for the consumer opportunity to buy, and whilst scented candles account for the highest home fragrance product, our air fresheners are easy to mass-produce and can replicate almost any fragrance beautifully under our private label solution.

But what fragrances do people really love?

Fabric Softeners

There’s something about the wonderful scent of fresh laundry isn’t there, and we all have our favourite combination to keep those clothes smelling wonderful. So, creating that laundry-fresh smell everyone loves with a paper membrane air freshener is the perfect way to enjoy that beautiful aroma… even when no laundry has been done! Perfect!

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products have come an extremely long way in the last decade. No longer do we have to withstand potent odours from the good cleaning products, and the scents found in our favourite cleaning brands are really pleasant. At FRSH Scents®, we can replicate these with car air fresheners for a fresh, clean-smelling car just like their favourite cleaning brand, with less of the cleaning work needed.

Perfumes, aftershave, colognes

Everyone has that favourite perfume, or aftershave, right? But why should those glorious scents, with expert craftsmanship and creativity be confined to the body alone? We know that so many perfume brands smell divine practically anywhere, and with FRSH Scents® private labelling, you can replicate the scent to be enjoyed in any space you want, just like the car.


The perfect homeware item to create a cosy, fresh and beautiful home. However, candles aren’t for use inside a car, so the consumer is often looking for ways to replicate their favourite candle brand scent effectively and safely. Our private label air fresheners can do just that and with our designated chemists, mimic the fragrance of any candle range.


So many big-name brands have a beautiful collection of diffusers with their own defined and dedicated fragrances, so enabling the consumer to buy an air freshener from their favourite diffuser brand gives them a more affordable/temporary chance to get their favourite scent around their own spaces. Whether that be around the home, office or in the car.

So if you know your brand has a special place in the hearts of the consumer, and you have a winning fragrance combination they simply love, expand your range and capitalise on the huge (and growing) home fragrance market by offering air fresheners with the FRSH Scents® Private Labelling service.


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