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5 Reasons to use air fresheners for promotional merchandise

Updated: May 2

In a digital world, it can often feel like businesses are fighting for air above the flood of messages, advertising and content consumers are being thrust into. So, many businesses are looking back to more physical promotional products that can allow their branding to cut above the noise and deviate from digital.


So how can promotional car air fresheners help your brand to do just that? Can fragrance really make a difference? And what impact can promotional products have on your consumers?

Why you should us Car Air Fresheners for your business promotional merchandise


Let’s take a look at our FRSH Scents Top 5 Reasons for choosing Air Fresheners for promotional items…


1: Great Giveaways


The first is all about giveaways! Choosing how and why to offer promotional items to consumers can be tricky. However, if you offer a small item by way of thanks for a purchase, entering a competition, or simply stopping by your store, you can have a lasting impression. By leaving your store with a branded item, consumers will be subconsciously registering and remembering your brand long after the interaction with you. 


Everyone loves a freebie! The actual value of the item doesn’t need to be great. A small gift of appreciation is enough to be remembered. Air fresheners can also be given on their own or as part of a larger giveaway. Create a car hamper of goodies for new drivers. Offer a competition prize of car cleaning essentials with a promotional air freshener included. Or simply offer them to a client or customer after a meeting. There are many ways to include promo products. It’s a small investment with huge potential.


2: Top of Mind Awareness


Consumer choice is at an all-time high. Whatever they want. Whenever they want. Wherever they want. They can have it all. And not only that, they have options as to who to choose for it too. This means brand recall needs to be strong and top-of-mind awareness is key. When the consumer needs your product or service, how can you be sure they recall your brand first?


Your branding needs to be ever-present in their life so they register it at as many opportunities as possible. Car air fresheners are a great promo product as they are noticed with each journey.


Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see (as opposed to 10% of what they hear, and 20% of what they read). Seeing your branding every time they step into the car ensures you’re remembered when they are making purchase decisions.


3: Tangibility


As we mentioned, we live in a digital age. So much of our life is virtual and digital that many consumers are harking back to the good old days! Notice the huge rise in demand for vinyl records and players? People want tangibility when they spend their money. They can feel what they have spent their money on.


If you offer a voucher or experience as part of a competition giveaway, there’s very little physical connection with the consumer, and they have nothing physical to show for their efforts.


4: Build Brand Identity


To build a strong brand identity platform, you need as much visibility as possible. You need to be available and visible to the consumer at every given opportunity. Of course, a good digital and social media presence can offer this, but what about when the phones are finally put down? As we step out into the real world, using that opportunity for consumers to remember 80% of what they see enables you to boost brand recall even further. 


The consumer may have been into your store to purchase a product, so they chose you! But, to help guarantee that repeat custom, your promotional air freshener will keep you top of mind yet again.


5: Physical Connection and Presence


Tangibility is getting even more important these days. Social Media posts, radio commercials, and digital advertising are temporary. Their fleeting nature makes them fairly easily forgotten. However, something that can be physically held, touched and seen regularly enables you to have a physical connection with the consumer. You want to be memorable, and creating a promotional air freshener with light, fresh fragrances creates a positive connection with every opportunity.


So how will you harness the power of promo products with your business? Our range of FRSH Scents air fresheners can be fully designed and printed with your branding in a fragrance of your choice, making the product completely personal and unique to your brand. 


Freebies, added incentives, competitions, hampers, prizes… whatever you want to use your car air fresheners for, be sure to capture the consumer and boost brand recall beyond the digital world.


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