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Why you should be stocking our products in your retail store

There are plenty of guides out there for having a strong inventory management plan within your retail store. Planning stock rotation, building strong supplier relationships and ensuring you’re ahead of the competition on product trends are all key drivers for success. Of course there is a lot more to it than that. However, when you’re taking a look at stocking car air freshener products within your inventory, why should you consider FRSH Scents as a new addition to your range?

Why you should be stocking FRSH Scents Car Air Freshener products in your retail store




When stocking new products, you want to know that the margins work within your parameters. Our FRSH Scents car air fresheners have been designed to offer retailers a premium quality solution at a price that enables impulse purchasing and increased basket values. We work with a strong, reliable and well-connected supply chain throughout the world. Our products are researched, developed and distributed with costs finely tuned at every link in the chain. This means you’re able to invest with low risk and big potential.




Our firm focus on high quality and high service levels has established our air fresheners as one of the fastest growing brands in the market. Quality runs through everything we do. We are continually developing new formats and fragrances and furthering our QA and compliance strategies. Plus, with the highest product safety standards, you get total peace of mind that you’re offering the consumer superior quality at an affordable price.


Certified Plastic Neutral


We are proud of the fact that all our FRSH Scents products are Certified Plastic Neutral. We have partnered with The Plastic Bank to help reduce ocean-bound plastic from entering our seas. This support means that we help save and recycle more plastic than we use when producing our products.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 100% of all plastics humans have ever created are still in existence. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to degrade, and even then they only become microplastics which are still incredibly harmful to our sea life. It’s facts like these which motivate us to keep on striving forward with this mission. Quite simply, as a consumer brand with a commitment to future generations, we see it as our duty to make a positive impact on sustainability.


The ability to produce sustainable packaging and products is the sustainability practice consumers value most. And with our ‘Certified Plastic Neutral’ stamp of approval, you’re able to offer the consumer a fantastic product collection that meets this requirement.


Contemporary Product Design


Have you noticed how some retailers are still offering the same simple car air freshener designs they seem to have been offering for what seems like decades? This is especially true for mirror-hanging car air fresheners. The modern consumer likes choice, which is why FRSH Scents decided to transform this sector totally.  As a result, the FRSH Scents range offers much more exciting product options for these consumers who prefer a mirror-hanging air freshener, including the fun characters in our Vacation Collection; the colourful Deluxe Scented Polymer Hanging Bottles; the stylish Deluxe Glass Bottles; and the highly effective Hanging Diffusers. As well as the traditional Luxury Hanging Card.

Our full range of car air fresheners not only focuses on fresh, fragrant journeys but also meets the demand for some products to be more discreet to fit in with the aesthetics of contemporary vehicles, as shown by our Vent Clips, Vent Diffusers and Organic Tins. Additionally, the sleek, stylish Ultrasonic Diffuser is a premium quality product which provides a glorious, calming mist with every journey. So there's something new for each of your customers in the FRSH Scents range, no longer do any of them have to buy the same thing as their parents did!


The car interior is often thought of as more important than the exterior - after all, that is where we spend more time. So, by stocking FRSH Scents’ contemporary designs and fragrances you will be giving your customers the opportunity to find just the right car air freshener to personalise their car’s interior and match it with their own character.


Impulse Purchasing


According to Modern Retail, the physical store is still the number one place consumers make impulse purchases, ranking higher than e-commerce stores and social media platforms. Over half of shoppers are likely to make impulse purchases which opens up a huge opportunity for retailers instore.


Car air fresheners are amongst the most popular of impulse purchases (as much as we would love it, it’s safe to say not many shoppers go instore purely to buy an air freshener). This means, we’re able to tap into the existing shopper market to increase their basket value with an impulse purchase. By combining all the elements above, we’ve created the perfect impulse purchase product range. And, when placed strategically instore via an eye catching POS display, it’s a winning combination. We can provide a great range of point of sale stands, or work with you on a bespoke solution.


Private Labelling


Our FRSH Scents car air freshener product formats are available as private labelling solutions. If you’re looking to expand your own brand product range instore, this could be the perfect way to do so. Low cost, high quality products that your consumer will be drawn to at the checkouts, and trust the integrity with your branding and logos.


You’re able to create effective profit margins and offer a unique value proposition to your consumers with something FRSH in 2024 and beyond…


To find out more about private labelling, or how you can stock FRSH Scents air fresheners in your retail store, get in touch with our team.


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