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The Power of Car Scent Marketing with FRSH Scents

When it comes to visuals and audio, there are so many brilliant and innovative ways we can market our brands to consumers. Creative social media, engaging radio commercials or memorable TV campaigns go a long way in creating fantastic top-of-mind awareness for a brand; and, when working together, they are incredibly powerful.


However, are brands missing a trick with car air freshener scent marketing and engaging ALL of the senses?


Did you know that our sense of smell is the strongest of all the five senses? This means it has huge potential, power and impact in a whole host of different settings. Scent is a fantastic way to evoke emotion and influence consumer behaviour. It can create a positive lasting impression, ensuring your brand awareness has longevity and strength to remain the recalled brand when required. But, does it really impact brand loyalty beyond that positive impression, and could scent be the missing piece of the puzzle to secure future business?


How does Scent Marketing work?


The human body has a powerful limbic system. This is the part of our brains that regulates emotions and memories. As this is closely linked to the olfactory system (the bodily structures serving our sense of smell), when a particular smell is combined with a positive experience, we continue to associate that particular scent with positive emotions. So, if you’re creating a positive, brilliant consumer experience they will recall that (and your brand) whenever they come into contact with that particular scent again. It will become synonymous with your brand.


Scent Marketing is gaining huge momentum in the retail sector with many stores now harnessing its power throughout the customer journey. FRSH Scents has also created promotional custom car air fresheners using the signature fragrances of hotel brands to prompt their guests to recognise the scent and fondly recall the hotel brand whenever they engage with the scent. But it’s not just static locations that serve as a fantastic opportunity for scent marketing. You can create reusable car air fresheners, complete with your logo and branding that sit prominently and proudly in a vehicle to be seen with each and every journey. Combined with a FRSH Scents car air freshener fragrance, and your brand starts to become associated with that positive experience and scent. The positive association is the goal here, and as scent is such a powerful tool, it’s easily achieved with surprisingly little investment.


Where do you start?


Just like any other marketing channel you use, it’s all about understanding your brand, and your target market. When creating beautiful visuals for social media or TV, you will create colour palettes, photography and personality that reflects your consumer character. It’s the same with the scent marketing. Every fragrance has characteristics of it’s own. Zesty, citrusy and fruity fragrances may work well for a vibrant, young, lively audience, yet gentle, floral fragrances may evoke the feeling of luxury and quality. Ensure a targeted approach to the fragrance you choose (not just a personal favourite) and you’ll guarantee that positive association.


How do car air fresheners appeal to consumers?


Car air fresheners in their own right always appeal to the consumer for a more favourable experience when commuting and travelling, but plastic neutral and reusable car air fresheners such as our Ultrasonic Diffuser, mean your brand stays within the car for much longer, reaffirming brand recognition and awareness. The subconscious association we create from a likeable fragrance and your branding create that lasting impression with positive connotations. 


That positive effect goes further with the fantastic sustainability of reusable car air fresheners, too. As they’re not single-use, they can last for years, making them a sound choice for the sustainability-savvy consumer. This reflects your brand further as a business committed to sustainable solutions that are great quality, have longevity and serve a brilliant purpose.


Through FRSH Scents, you’re able to private label our products with your own branding, and craft a fragrance that can become recognisable, well-liked and synonymous with your brand. If you’re not utilising the power of scent marketing with your business, you’re not harnessing the power of the strongest sense and secret solution in your armoury.

Private label car air freshener solutions for Scent marketing


Ready to create your own range?

Get in touch with the FRSH Scents team to start your journey to your very own branded car air fresheners today.


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