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Point of Sale Displays with FRSH Scents®

There are so many different ways to catch the customer’s eye throughout a store. It’s all about brilliant branding and positioning to engage them further and ensure that item is added to their basket. Point of Sale Displays in particular has to be one of the most popular techniques used by brands throughout almost every retail outlet to boost brand awareness and increase sales. This is even more impactful and useful for brands whose products are smaller than average and may not capture attention on the shelves alone, even with creative, visually appealing packaging.

So, how can we help? Our FRSH Scents® Point of Sale Displays are a brilliant way to boost basket values with our products. Used throughout the store, added into additional aisles beyond auto care departments to intrigue and remind customers of the need for our products make them incredibly successful.

A great Point of Sale Display is all about catching the customer’s eye. From Floor and Counter Top placements, you can create a look that works for your store aesthetic and size and showcases products beautifully. Don’t forget nothing is set in stone with POS either. You’re able to tweak and shift displays to keep your store fresh and capture a range of customers in different areas. This is most effective with impulse buyers! These are people already in your store with a need, and a well-placed POS display is ready and waiting to have an effect for them to buy right here and now. So many purchases in store are unplanned, a reminder, an impulse and an instinct or inclination that happens in the spur of the moment, so your POS can have a dramatic effect on sales.

Working in the car air freshener industry, we know that whilst car air fresheners may not come top of the shopping list, they are definitely within the customers’ peripheral mindset. They need them, they just don’t know they need them until we remind them!

So, what will it be?

Our Display Units offer a creative, immersive and eye-catching alternative to simply showcasing the products within the shelves. Beautifully designed with the FRSH Scents® contemporary branding with further insight into our FRSH approach and work with The Plastic Bank, they not only capture the customer’s eye but offer a deeper, more meaningful incentive for the impulse purchase. This is impulse buying with purpose, mindfulness and intention!

If you want more flexibility with your POS displays, you can opt for free-standing or hanging POS options. This means you can move around your displays, test out what works best with customer footfall and keep the aesthetic of your store looking fresh with regular rotation. Our clip strips are petit and easy to locate anywhere in store to capture impulse purchases. Brilliant additions to cleaning, homecare or outdoor and seasonal aisle, they work almost anywhere in store as well as right by the checkouts for those last-minute purchases before customers leave your store.

Our free-standing display units still offer the flexibility as with the hanging strips but offer a more striking, bold statement when walking down an aisle or at the end of an aisle or department. Available as a wire display or fully designed and printed unit, this is all about making the most of store real estate with bold designs, contemporary graphics and high-quality visuals to truly showcase the products in the best way to capture the consumer's eye.

In true FRSH Scents® style and furthering our commitment to sustainability, all of our POS displays and designs are recyclable and reusable. This way, you can rework and remodel with our products however you wish, but should the time come to no longer need the display, you can recycle with peace of mind that you’re having a lower impact on the environment.

As you can see, we are highly passionate about the power of POS! Just speak to our team to find out more about working with us on your POS displays and engaging your consumer further with the FRSH Scents® range.


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