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Should you be Private Labelling Products?

So, you’re an established retailer, looking for ways to boost your business, basket values and brand in 2023. Is Private Labelling the way to go?

Private Labelling is the process of working with a supplier to develop products under your own brand. The product is researched, developed and made by a third-party specialist such as FRSH Scents but as far as the consumer is concerned it’s the retailer’s own product. This way of working is highly popular in the food and beverage industry, whereby supermarkets will sell condiments, tinned goods, and cereals under their own brands even though they are manufactured by a 3rd party.

When it comes to our product category of car air fresheners, there are many benefits to private labelling, which is why we are providing it as a service to an increasing number of leading retailers all around the world.

  1. Reduced Development Cost & Time to Market - Because the R&D has often already been done, and because manufacturers such as FRSH Scents are specialists in their respective fields, the product development and production processes can be expedited. This helps get the products in store faster and at a lower cost whether you’re adapting an existing product or having something created from scratch.

  2. Customised product with market intelligence built in – Not only will your products fit seamlessly into your range, but as market experts, we can advise on format and fragrance choices to ensure your range is balanced and on-trend.

  3. Increased basket size through impulse purchase – A number of our private Label clients have a core business such as fashion or homewares that is nothing to do with the automotive sector. However, we have helped them deliver significant additional revenue through growing and/or adding our product category in their stores under their own brands that customers already love and trust. Car air fresheners are fast-moving repeat purchase items so the long-term benefit is clear to see.

  4. Turnkey Service – Our in-house design team can work with your brand and style guide to create the artwork for you providing a complete end-to-end service from conception to delivery, wherever you are in the world.

  5. Product Safety & Certifications – As experts in our field who supply our own brand of products all around the world, as well as private label products, we know what is needed to ensure your products are compliant and your customers have a great experience.

To find out how we can drive additional revenue for your business, and understand whether Private Labelling is the best option for you, get in touch with our team today. We can also advise on which products could work well for you and discuss the process in more detail.

P.S. Private Labelling is not just about retail. If you’re a brand looking to use products for promotional purposes then get in touch, as all of the same benefits apply regardless of how the customer gets the product in their hand.


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