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Which FRSH Scents® range is right for you and your demographic?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

FRSH Scents offers a wide range of car air freshener styles, from the classic formats of the hanging card, liquid membranes, gel pots, scented polymer and vent sticks, through to the new super-sleek ultrasonic diffuser. FRSH Scents’ air fresheners are made to the highest quality and safety standards - for example, FRSH Scents has partnered with a major fragrance house based in Grasse, France and New York, USA which creates the fragrances for many top fashion brands and well-known household grocery names – so these are great fragrances available at very competitive prices.

But FRSH Scents is not just about great products.....we are also helping to care for our environment through our unique relationship with The Plastic Bank. On average, each FRSH Scents product purchased pays for 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled. As a result our product range is responsible for more plastic being collected and recycled than we use, so the FRSH Scents range is Certified Plastic Neutral - and that has to be a great thing for our planet. The Plastic Bank | Social Plastic | FRSH Scents

Across the globe, the most forward-thinking and socially-responsible retail chains are very keen to lead by example and demonstrate their commitment to helping environmental issues, so FRSH Scents’ work with The Plastic Bank is a major positive for everyone and a great reason why you should stock FRSH Scents.

But, what range is right for you? Well, we have a wide variety of options for many market needs…

FRSH Scents and Calm Scents

This branded range is a comprehensive combination of fragrances and air freshener styles, offering premium products at competitive prices for the widest market of everyday consumers. We have spent a great deal of time researching, developing and crafting the perfect collection of scents for this range which means you’re able to offer your customers high quality, great value and a range that is sure to include their favourite scent to enjoy with every drive. Every product is beautifully designed for a sense of luxury and style.

Ultra Scents

One for the keen motorists and petrolheads! The Ultra range is a more compact, visually-striking selection. They have uber-cool styling with a sporty and stylish array of scents that last for up to 90 days. Perfect for the gym-goer or busy work van, they are powerful yet pleasant and mask any unwanted odours with ease.


Add a little fun into the everyday! The vacation range is a fun, novelty collection designed to evoke happy memories of favourite trips and exotic vacations. This range appeals to almost any market and really stands out on the shelves.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

This is the very elite of in-car fragrance delivery systems, using ultrasonic waves to vaporize water and essential oils and providing the retailer a very useful, higher retail price point to satisfy their most discerning customers. So, if your demographic is taking into consideration the slightly higher earner, those with more disposable income, or those who seek high quality and the next level in any products they’re in the market for, then you simply have to stock our handy and stylish air diffuser. Just plug in and away you go! It really is the crème de la crème of air fresheners!

Private Label

Want something unique to promote your brand further? FRSH Scents can produce many of these air freshener formats as private label collections. So whether it’s hanging paper, scented polymer or liquid diffusers, they’re perfect for retail chains who want their own branding on a range of high-quality car air fresheners, or even as one-off promotional items for businesses, charities, and clubs! Personalisation and high quality combined.

The car air freshener market is growing year on year. With car sales increasing, the growth is set to continue further, so be sure to capitalise on this popularity as there really is a FRSH Scents® range of products to suit your target market.


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