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Why now is the time to invest in car air fresheners

The rising cost of living is a concern of consumers and companies alike. Consumer products are an average 9% higher in price than they were 12 months ago, which is certainly a sizable amount and one that is of course noticeable in every family budget. And so, as consumers begin to tighten their belts and hunt for the best bargains around, it’s a great time to re-assess and implement new programs with great value products to boost the average basket value of shoppers stepping through your door or clicking onto your site.

In recent times, some of the major car air freshener brands have left the market, which means consumers are ready and open to discover and spend money on new or different brands. Whether that be our own FRSH Scents® brand, or you invest in a range of private labelled products with us, it’s a great time to capture them when they’re both open to new products AND looking for brilliant value.

Car air fresheners are a non-seasonal business. They’re low-cost. They’re low-risk. And yet, with their long-shelf-life, they have a brilliant value proposition for the consumer which makes them an easy and low-risk purchase when they’re looking to save money and continue their preferred lifestyle as much as possible.

Did you know that the UK air freshener market is growing at a rate of 5% and is set to be worth $917.5m by 2027? That is certainly a market not to be sniffed at, and if you can enter the market with a range of high-quality, low-cost car air freshener products, it’s the perfect place to start. But remember, fragrance is a highly personal choice. This means it’s not enough to stock a simple two or three options for consumers, and the wider your variety, the more success you’ll have at them adding it to their basket. With the FRSH Scents® range, you get a brilliant collection of fresh, floral, clean, calming, fruity and more, so you can appeal to a whole range of tastes. Want to offer something even more exciting? Be sure to check out our exciting Vacation Collection too, to give drivers those holiday vibes all year round! And that’s indeed the beauty of being a car air freshener stockist, it’s never a seasonal product! Year-round sales with a simple format selection, they make a brilliant convenience offering for every retailer.

And it’s not just the vacation collection that is sure to catch the eyes (and noses) of consumers as they browse your aisles. We have dedicated so much time and expertise into products that are all brilliantly designed. After all, who says great value can’t feel luxury too? All of our designs are beautiful, eye-catching and contemporary making the aisle burst with colour and style. But of course, car air fresheners are rarely on the shopping list, so having great store presence and gondola end locations can help those impulse purchases even more.

Stocking car air fresheners is about combining the value requirements (great value is of course a necessity for many now, not just an ideal), with the convenience and the low-cost, long-life desired from an impulse purchase. And as gaps in the market have opened up, now is a great time to invest, boost those basket values and reap the benefits of the car air freshener market in 2022.


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